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LMC has been a customer of ATS’ for over 3 years. During this time, it is evident that LMC is an industry leader in the importing and exporting of concrete plants. When you find a company that has all the positive attributes of LMC, you make a point to work with them as often as you can. In today's transportation market, knowledge and experience can save you both time and money and this great company allows me and my company the opportunity to be successful.

Justin Werner
Account Manager

ATS Specialized - St. Paul, MN

I absolutely love working with LMC.  I depend on their knowledge & experience to get us through some of our most difficult transport issues.  They have handled all sorts of cargo from single pieces to “Super Moves” and everything in between.  Their service with pickups from the ports to inland destinations is second to none.  It is obvious that service is a top priority for them.  They always perform with our best interests in mind and they keep us (and our customers) informed every step of the way from pickup to delivery.

Joanne Matthews
Shipping Manager

FLSmidth, Inc. - Bethlehem, PA USA

I had the opportunity to work with LMC on an over size load moving within Canada. We quickly discovered that the move would take us through different provinces in Canada. We were aware that utility companies would have to be contacted to complete the move; we just didn't realize that seven utility companies would have to approve the route. Grant filed all the documents and requests necessary to obtain the permits and approvals. The approval process took much longer then either of us had anticipated but I received weekly, sometimes daily updates on their status. Keeping FLS informed allowed me to keep my customer updated. I felt confident that everything possible was being done to expedite this move. Only after I received pictures of the move once all permits were approved, did I get an understanding of how much coordination was required to make this happen.
LMC is truly customer focused and has proven to be a reliable partner to FLS,

Margaret Hahn
Customer Service Representative

FL Smidth Inc.

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