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Logistics Project Management

Many of LMC’s proposals and solutions demonstrate the simplicity of cost-effective means of distribution. Our relative size in the marketplace provides the advantage of diversity and consistent results.

All too often the transportation needs of a business are addressed near or at the end of development of a product, providing the "too little too late" cliché with significance in the development of market share. Over the years, LMC has been instrumental in not only the initial cooperative development of market share, but also in the implementation of resourceful, cost-effective means of market-share maintenance. Our goal is the establishment of partnerships, the sharing of resources and an exchange of ideas with customers to ensure the longevity and success of each other's business interest.



Your Project Partner

LMC works with companies and their facilities on all areas of project management. Our ability to work directly with engineers in the early stages of product design to enable cost effective transportation to site is recognized as a crucial part of LMC’s foundation. We have experience in managing, planning and arranging of transportation for projects ranging from the erection of the world’s largest Cement Plant in Bloomsdale, MO to the transportation of a Kiln Shell for St. Lawrence Cement.

Our experience in the handling, transport and meeting delivery parameters has made LMC one of the leading innovative carriers in the transportation industry.

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